Football 101 - The Box

You hear the term constantly throughout  the football season. "They have a light box the offense should run". "They have a stacked box they are daring the offense to pass." So what is the box and why is it so important?'

Now the exact dimensions of the box vary from team to team, but the definition I have found the most effective was  the distance from the line of scrimmage to about eight yards deep vertically and goes to the last attached man at the end of the line of scrimmage.

So now that we have defined the box why is it so important? In general it is a way to make sure you are running the ball when you have a numerical advantage and passing when you don't.

When you have two defenders out of the box and all other receivers are covered you have numbers to run. when you have one safety out of the box and all other receivers covered you are at a numerical disadvantage in the box and it is a good choice to pass where you now have one on one match ups outside. Although that can be somewhat overrated but that is for another post.

Generally you want to pass the ball (2wr set)

Box no tight ends (4 wide set)


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