Football 101 - Bubbles

I remember watching a game years ago coached by Rich Rodriquez and while watching the game I noticed all these short passes completed to slot wr's. I wondered how and why they were so open. I found out later they were running what are called bubble screens. So what is a bubble screen and why is it effective?

A bubble screen is a constraint play that takes advantage of the defense when they cheat off  wide receivers and leave them uncovered.

what is considered uncovered. This is something that varies but a general rule of thumb is if the wide receiver isn't in position to get a block on the defender then he can bubble. Also if he is above a distance of 8 yards he is able to receive the bubble.

In conclusion the bubble play is a way to make  the defense pay when they try to gain numbers in the box by leaving wide receivers uncovered.

For more information check out this article.


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