Football 101 - Why Cheating Can Help

Last post we talked about how optioning with quarterback can change the numbers game for the offense. Now I want to talk about ways the defense can get the numbers back in their favor. We know that if the defense has covered all receivers and, has a safety they can't mathematically have enough defenders in the box to stop the run? Well what happens if they don't cover all the receivers?

The answer  is the numbers have to be rechecked. In the above pic the defense is in a one high defense with a safety but no one is defending the slot receiver. Teams at times cheat off a slot defender to get the numbers back in their favor of the run game.

This is especially true against the mobile quarterbacks. Defenses don't want to have to play cover 0 meaning play without safeties all game. This makes them extremely vulnerable  to big plays in the pass game. So now cheating off the wide receivers they can keep their safety back and contain the run. What can the offense do to combat this? Throwing to the uncovered receiver of course. But what is an effective way to do this?

We will talk about that in the next post.

I would like to hear your thoughts in the comment section. Thanks for reading

Note: I'm having some issues with my PS4 right now so these pics are from my phone of ncaa 14. Once I get my PS4 working I will continue to post madden and PS4 photos.


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